My brown bags alter ego pays fewer taxes and gets to eat out.Wisconsin is tax hell!I'd be eating out if government wasn't gobbling up my money!I have to brown bag it so I can pay Wisconsin's taxes.We spent 780 billion on a stimulus plan and all I got was this brown bag!
Scott Walker for Governor of Wisconsin on Facebook

Scott Walker Launches Second Ad: "Brown Bag"

Walker’s “Brown Bag Guide to Government follows three basic principles”:

    •    Don’t spend more than you have.
    •    Smaller government is better government.
    •    People create jobs, not government.

The state of Wisconsin is rated right at the bottom of the barrel for business friendly environment. If business can't make a profit, they can't hire anyone.
I own and operate a small business in Oshkosh. Doyle raised the tipping fee in landfills dramatically. The city of oshkosh stopped picking up business trash. My trash collection bill went up $50 per month, ($600 per year) Doyle raised the landfill tipping fee dramatically. My waste collection bill went up another $100 per month ($1200 per year).That is trash collection alone.

Property tax on my residence is more than $3000 for a home assessed at $115k. My Son lives in Colorado Springs Co. His home is valued at $140k and he pays about $900 a year in property tax. What is wrong with this picture? Colorado Springs is a pretty nice place to live.

April 20, 2010 12:29:33

As a fellow Eagle Scout, I believe that Scott will uphold his oath that he took when he became a Boy Scout. "On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my Country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. The Scout Law is that a Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent." I urge all Wisconsin Eagle Scouts to support Eagle Scout Scott Walker in his bid for the Republican nomination for Governor, and then for Governor. His brown bag and Saturn proves that he learned the lesson in Scouts of being thrifty. Go Scott!

April 08, 2010 23:31:26

I remember not that many years ago that we would be rich if we would make 65,000 dollars a year. Boy was I wrong. Everything keeps going up but our paychecks keep getting smaller. How are going to survive in the future? We don't live beyond our means so why does the goverment feel they can? I like when they say free money! Its not free its the middle classes money. It is our hard earned money that pays for most of the free loaders who don't want to work. I don't mind helping out but let that be my decsion not the goverments.

April 08, 2010 00:45:09

Voting for Walker...because I used to drive a Saturn too!

April 02, 2010 14:35:31

When we vote for a candidate, rarely do we know them personally. We know their record and what they say they'll do, and we hope what we see and hear are a true representation. Mr. Walker I trust you are the real deal, and I too will be heading to the November elections with a mission in mind. Keep up the great work. God speed.

March 31, 2010 22:50:55

You have the right idea, (stop spending more than you have!!) Could it be possible to have someone in office that can continue that path? I believe we can. Once your are in office I hope we can see results as before we have not with many other elected officals. Being a buiness owner (automotive industry) in the repairs we have been performing now, seldom seen before on vehicles that are barely road worthy. MONEY is very tight,many customers just do not have it! The majority of the public are getting taxed to death. Scott ,I agree with you,you have my vote as well as many others I have talked with. So with that please everyone VOTE!!!! Thank you, Alan

March 31, 2010 22:24:42

I was born and raised on the southside (Cudahy). My grandfather was the police commisioner and my father an alderman. My football coach Joe Fuerdek was an alderman and worked for Frito-Lay along side my father. Family gatherings were all about politics. I had five uncles one was a Shorewwod Police Officer, Another a proffesor @ Marquette and one who is a writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. I moved from Milwaukee county shortly after I voted for you as County Executive. I would like to think I am reasonably intelligent, what is going on? Instead of rambling I would ask you. Will you open up the books. I know Doyle raided the transportation fund. Now look at the 45 by-pass. This borders on criminal? Does Doyle think he can he can run this State into the ground and walk away? What will do to undo the Doyle cluster****!

March 31, 2010 13:37:15

Of the few movements out there, this actually seems to be based on sound economics. Too often our government is much a like a teenager with a new checkbook—not living within their means, spending their money on things that are not valuable and asking for more money when things don’t work out. Any public institution should have to have a budget and live within their means.
I support that any governmental institution cannot create jobs, instead they just redistribute money. In addition smaller government is almost always better. The people of Wisconsin should be making the decisions that affect us. What works for one state may not work for the other. Smaller government just makes more sense.
I would like to see where this movement goes.

March 30, 2010 21:02:49

I will be running to the voting booth in November and voting for you the government has really went to far with this health care law and taxes not only is an individual mandate unConstitutional the law will eventually lead to America defaulting on our national debt and going bankrupt as a nation.

March 30, 2010 13:06:41

I wish that instead of having two wonderful conservative candidates running against eachother for governor one of you would consider running against Feingold so both of you could be in government making a difference - it seems like such a waste of wonderful conservative talent!

March 30, 2010 12:28:58

I'm on the boat ....what about those of us that have lost their jobs due to economin hard times and plant closings? It's not that we want to live in poverty but when you have job fairs for 25 positions in your town and 438 people apply for these jobs what is a person to do. Try the slogan...Welcome to Wiscosnin the state of HELL! It pretty much sums it all up. Keep up the great work and let us know when you head to Shawano.

March 29, 2010 22:55:00

I have been looking all over your website for some of your answers to the comments already made. Where do I have to go to find the answers??

I am not going to join the movement until I know more about how you will go about fixing the government.

Our elected government is suppose to be working for the people, and not themselves like the current government seems to be doing.

March 29, 2010 19:26:54

I like your honest, grassroots approach. It is straight to the point and you don't give a lot of phony promises. Just hard cold facts and a common sense plan. That's what we need in Wisconsin Government, common sense.
Linda, Taycheetah

March 29, 2010 16:26:37


Your ad hits a home run! We are supporting you and looking forward
to you becoming our next Governor.

*Skilled people are at home with out jobs drawing unemployment comp.
*Our military arms are being made in foreign countries. Huge amounts of this
money is flowing out of our country.

I think it would be cheaper if we bring manufacturing of military arms
back to the USA and give the unemployed those defense manufacturing and design jobs.

Janesville and Beloit both manufactured military arms and equipment in the past.
Help us bring these jobs back home to Wisconsin.

Thank you for being someone we can believe in!


March 28, 2010 23:58:04

what party are you with scott walker? your ad's dont' say and am not finding it matters not because i don't vote along party lines like so many others do, you are a breathe of fresh air for the fact that you are also NOT doing negative compaigning..kudos...m

March 28, 2010 21:14:44


Your leadership as County Exec in Milwaukee County
on holding the line on taxes is the main reason
I haven't chosen to uproot my family from the County I grew up in and love. Although we'll miss
your leadership here locally, your services are
greatly needed as Wisconsin's next Governor. I hope you grant the Attorney General permission to
file suit against the federal government for the
recently passed health care bill. I also hope you
push to abolish the practice of combined reporting that is crippling many Wisconsin based

Lower tax burdens for businesses and families,
fewer and smarter regulations..a business friendly
climate...less wasteful government spending.. and
an insistence on better standards of academic
acheivement in our public schools...that's the ticket to a bright future for Wisconsin.

Let's trun this boat around...go get 'em Scott!


March 27, 2010 23:13:45

Brown bag great idea, but you really should be using a lunch box or something you can reuse! More money you can save!

March 26, 2010 22:41:20

I enjoy your aspirations to cut spending and taxes, but realistically, what programs do you think are worth scrapping or retooling? Our schools are already slashing budgets by laying off teachers, closing classrooms and cancelling art, music and physical education programs. Police and fire departments can't protect our streets with budget slashings of 5-12% and more. Privatizing every government institution saves taxpayers a lot of money, but when left unregulated with only the bottom line to answer to these companies quickly turn profits while the public wades about in "sewage" waste deep.

March 26, 2010 09:48:18

Mr. Walker has the right message. I could really support it, but although the message is right, his party association is wrong!
With the current practice of negativity, displayed by those connected with the Republican party, he would be better off running as an independent.
I have always voted for the person and their stand, rather than anyone party, but the current Republican attitude of "What's best for the party, not the people" and anti-Obama, has turned me away from Republican candidates.
If the Republicans had a better idea, why didn't the enact it during the 8 years of Bush?

March 26, 2010 08:42:39

it wook about 15 times of watching your add and then speeking to my mother who attended at gathering where she knew you were running for govenor, but I am still waiting for the add to run again so I can see for my self. but I do definately support your ideas, I have been saying for years that leaders in government are paid too much and they should give money back.

March 25, 2010 23:20:31 sound like the very, very rare type of politician that I can believe in and trust. I would definitely support your run for Governor. The only other politician I have had as much faith in is Mike Huckabee...he was my primary pick. Look forward to hearing more about you! How about transparency in state spending like FL?

March 25, 2010 20:59:23

i would like to help your campaign in the Appleton area.

March 25, 2010 17:52:15

This is what I keep telling my children. If you cannot pay for it, you have to wait til can afford it. I am a struggling small business owner and they see it every day. We work hard to be able to take a nice vacation, even if it is inanother section of our great state. Come to Antigo ruffle some feathers...I would love!!! Keep up the good work!

March 25, 2010 13:51:49

This is exactly the type of person we MUST elect if we plan to overcome this radical agenda that keeps attacking from the left. Can you name a person more honest than Scott? I grew up in Milwaukee and have always respected him while he was trying to cut spending and getting attacked relentlessly from the teachers union and democrat hacks on the county board. I know he will fight for us the people.

March 25, 2010 13:15:43


I love your ads! They are so great and so true. I am supporting you and volunteering my time because you've actually done these things - you're the embodiment of what can be done in government!

Go Scott!


March 25, 2010 12:13:10

Im just 12 years old, but I still agree with you. The government is spending way too much, but we don't have all the money that we spend. I heard my parents talking about a train that the government wanted to get that is millions of dollars, and the train isn't even that needed. I believe that if everyone contributes to helping this cause, we can!! :)

March 24, 2010 21:00:51

Hey Scott,
I'm in. You visited my employer on Tuesday and you are my kind of candidate. Git R Done!

March 24, 2010 20:04:36

What is you view on "Conceal Carry"/

March 24, 2010 19:36:50

Scott, Thank you for clearly stating what this state needs. Personal Responsibility. The nanny state we are living in is not helping anyone. Teach a man to fish you feed him for a life time. That is something that our democrat friends have forgot. Best of luck on the road to Madison! Stop by Neenah and a give a shout! You have plenty of supporters here!

March 23, 2010 21:38:44

I know this is a national rather than a state issue, but I am wondering why "don't spend more than you have" doesn't also include military/defense spending?
And why spend money we don't have on wars that destroy things when we could be spending it on building things?

March 23, 2010 14:31:36

I love your ads.

We do need to curb government spending. I'm tired of being taxed to death and having my hard earned money spent on things that hurt me. The current government is pushing for green energy and is forcing wind turbines 1000 feet from people's homes. Wind energy is not reliable,incredibly expensive, and raises everyone's taxes and electric rates. We subsidize wind energy at 20 times the level we subsidize conventional energy.
In addition, wind turbines kill birds and bats - bats in a most inhumane way by rupturing their lungs. Turbines drive out other wildlife, and cause health problems in domestic animals- not being able to carry pregancy to term, chickens to stop laying eggs, etc. The inaudible low frequency sound waves they create are harmful to human health. In Wisconsin, homes have been razed because they were unihabitable due to the wind turbines. Those that are standing in wind farms have lost up to 40% of their property value. Is this helping the people of our state? In my opinion, it is wasteful, harmful government spending.

There are better forms of green engergy such as biodigesters. If you would become governor, I would hope you would consider alternatives, and not keep forcing wind energy on us. Stop the wasteful, harmful government spending.

March 23, 2010 10:46:44

Scott, you're so right! Thank you for saying what most of us are thinking. Godspeed, brother!

March 22, 2010 23:50:43

Please take a few minutes to give us your thoughts on this subject.

March 22, 2010 17:18:26

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