Wisconsin is tax hell!My brown bags alter ego pays fewer taxes and gets to eat out.I'd be eating out if government wasn't gobbling up my money!We spent 780 billion on a stimulus plan and all I got was this brown bag!I have to brown bag it so I can pay Wisconsin's taxes.
Scott Walker for Governor of Wisconsin on Facebook

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Growing up as a registered R., it took a while for me to go Independant but I've been that way for about 15 yrs because of disgust with the R. party. I took a call from the WI Rep Party 06/23/10 and I donated $110.00, only because of Scotts influence. As I wait for those papers to come thru the mail, I will continue to pray that Scott and all the rest of our politicians will stay true to their cause because I will be watching LIKE A HAWK! But Scott really seems like the real deal to me. This Sat., is going to the my 3rd day on his phone banks. Wow! look at me! WAIT.., NO! Look at SCOTT!! WAY TO GO, SCOTT!!

June 24, 2010 15:21:15

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June 09, 2010 19:14:47

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