We spent 780 billion on a stimulus plan and all I got was this brown bag!I'd be eating out if government wasn't gobbling up my money!I have to brown bag it so I can pay Wisconsin's taxes.My brown bags alter ego pays fewer taxes and gets to eat out.Wisconsin is tax hell!
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Your TV commercial compels me to write this message. I know of a state DMV employee who worked his way up the ladder to the position of drivers license examiner, a position of significant responsibility and his salary level reflected this. He then applied for and was awarded a job as a office manager at an area DNR office. A position of much less responcibility, and a lower pay scale than the examiners job. Yet he continues to knock down the same wages as his previous job. Apparently, this is OK, as it's part of a employees' union agreement with the state. With Wisconsin operating in the red, how can we afford to over compensate our employees? How wide spread is this? Might it be a way to cut spending?

August 03, 2010 21:37:34

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August 02, 2010 15:47:53

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