My brown bags alter ego pays fewer taxes and gets to eat out.I'd be eating out if government wasn't gobbling up my money!I have to brown bag it so I can pay Wisconsin's taxes.We spent 780 billion on a stimulus plan and all I got was this brown bag!Wisconsin is tax hell!
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I really don't care about the train or anything else, the thing us Seniors care about is, who is going to continue Senior Care for those of us who are living only on S.S.??? Who ever keeps Serior Care will get the votes of the thousands of Seniors who use it today.. I would not have my medicine without Senior Care.. I met Scott a few years ago where I worked as a Receptionist for Rick Graber and I want him to know there real issues out here among the Seniors.. I am also a strong Christian and I will be voting for the one I feel as those types of values in their hearts.. thank you, Mary

September 04, 2010 14:56:35

I want to know if Scott Walker is going to make state employees like Barry Alvarez and Bo Ryan and all the professors pay for their retirement. i would say no way, it will be the ones on the bottom that are going to pay the price. Lets get real, it's not the state workers fault that we are in this mess. Let's just privatize everything and pay them all 8 dollars and hour. thats the american way. Cheap labor, Capitalism at its best!

August 30, 2010 19:31:56

I don't think the public as a whole realizes the magnitude of the state employees' and teachers' salary and benefit packages. With the current state of economy, everyone else has made sacrifices. It is time for the state employees and teachers to be on equal footing with the rest of us.

August 29, 2010 23:31:09

The idea of allowing schools to participate in the State Health program is good, but to expand the idea, the State should have the Helath program offer three tiers of coverage. At present, State and local employees can only choose between single or family coverage. I previously talked to two Legislators about suggesting an tier for limited families, but have heard nothing.

August 24, 2010 22:32:56

On the choo choo:

It makes almost no sense between Madison an Milwaukee, but we need to look at the potential of such a line between Milwaukee and Minneapolis/St. Paul via the Dells.

I have a paper on this with more details.

Meanwhile, I can see a possilility of creating a 30 mile wide cordidor along such a route for Economic Development and possilby the creation of jobs by attracting industry to the area.

If somebody wants more, I might be able to put my paper in your hands...


August 24, 2010 11:51:18

Most of those that work in the private sector do not know that those that work in Public Service, ex. teachers and city inspectors to name just two of many, have a retirement age of 55 yrs. Their pensions are ridiculous,plus they are able to collect social security at 55 yrs. The rest of us idiots that work in the private sector won't be able to collect S.S. or retire until age 62plus.
Gee, I wonder why Wisconsin is so heavily taxed.
Maybe it would be a good idea that Everyone's retirement age is the same.
They(public service)should also pay their own health care, I am not responsible for them and their family.
As a tax payer I don't remember voting to pay for their cushy life.

August 22, 2010 17:37:24

With over 35 years of hands on procurement experience at every level I can't tolerate the waste that goes on in the public sector bureacracies. If there is any way I can help, let me know.

August 20, 2010 15:27:50

Projected Annual Costs for High Speed Rail System (Madison to Milwaukee)
$10 million

Projected Annual Riders

Hmm, giving them the benefit of the doubt and thinking we will even generate that many riders, that still means your cost per ticket will be $133.33 to allow us to ‘break-even’ at that $10 million mark. Sure they might be selling them lower, but you, taxpayer, must make up the difference.

Now, most likely we will have to pay for parking in DT Madison for our car to sit at the station all day (thank you Madison for taking another $25 out of my pocket that day), then I will go pay my $133 for my ticket to Milwaukee, then I will pay my taxi driver another $25 each way to get to my final destination in Milwaukee….yes, somehow I have spent now nearly $200 for my travel to Milwaukee….

Price to drive to Milwaukee and the convenience of not having to wait for the train:
Well you figure that out

August 19, 2010 23:54:35

Yeah, who would want to bring good jobs to Wisconsin during a recession? That's clearly absurd.

August 18, 2010 11:51:15

When you get in office, How about taking away the pension of Jim Doyle so he can begin to pay back the people of Wisconsin for his crimes against humanity.

August 18, 2010 09:35:33

The train idea for moveing people is a long since past idea. How do you get around once there?. Trains for moveing very large freight from one place to another is the best way to do that, but people? don't think so, and the cost is way to big for what is going to do, and the up keep, wish I had just 1% of that.

August 18, 2010 08:13:36

I am at this point neither for nor against Mr. Walker. Please explain to me how having teachers move to the state health care system saves a large sum of money. Thank You.

August 17, 2010 23:33:01

I think this is a great ad and sure winning issue for Scott Walker! This train is an absolute boondoggle. I am not sure where Thomas is coming up with the 75,000 riders and if that is an annual rider estimate or the average annual number of drivers between Milwaukee and Madison on I-94. Personally, I think the focus on whether or not high speed rail is necessary in Wisconsin should be around facts not misleading cliques like "foriegn-oil" and artificial rider estimates. I wonder if most people know we import twice as much oil from Canada each month as Saudi Arabia. Or that we actually import more oil / year from Mexico than we do Saudi Arabia. In fact, on average, only about 9% of our foreign oil comes from Saudi Arabia and 60% of our oil come from non-OPEC nations(Canada, Mexico, and Russia). Let's just leave foreign oil out of this discussion, it is misleading an distracts from the issue at hand.

Our current rail service in Milwaukee, the Hiawatha Amtrak line, loses money year over year even with a massive government subsity from the Wisconsin, Illinois, and US DOTs. I would love to see Governor Doyle or Mayor Barrett's fact sheet and statistical analysis on how a commuter line between Madison and Milwaukee will a) be profitable for commerce in Wisconsin when every stop along the Amtrak line in Wisconsin is a dead zone (go check out Sturnavant, the Airport, or Intermodal station); b)will attract more riders than the commuter line to the 3rd largest urban center in the United States?

If a rail line between Milwaukee and Chicago is not profitable how will a high speed train to Madison ever be profitable for our citizens? Also, how will someone trying to run a restaurant in Manitowish Waters, WI (way up in Vilas County) ever see any value from a commuter train in south-eastern Wisconsin?

Final thought. This seem glazed over by the press but did anyone else notice that Mayor Barrett's office recently assessed the Intermodal station at about $1.5 million dollars? Boy that was a great $15 million dollar investment! Also, did anyone else pick up on the fact that Governor Doyle paid all the back due property taxes the Intermodal station owed to the City of Milwaukee to prevent Mayor Barrett's city government from foreclosing on the property. I am glad we have Mark Belling in this city to keep up up to date on this stuff!!

Way to go with this Scott, I know from watching you in Milwaukee for 8 years that we can count on you to watch our backs! You got my vote.

August 17, 2010 22:00:50

How about some "No Train" bumper stickers for sale on your website?

August 16, 2010 23:23:26

Is the cost of transporting 75,000 people between Milwaukee and Madison more expensive by rail or highway? Is the maintenance of a rail corridor more or less expensive than maintenance of a highway. Will a rail connection between Milwaukee and Madison reduce highway travel in that corridor? Which of these two methods of transporting people, say 75,000 people, use more foreign oil?

Since you have my e-mail address, I will await you answers to my queries.

PS--To give you an idea as to where I'm coming from, I voted for John McCain in 2008. Look up Oliver Wendell Homes.

August 16, 2010 22:49:11

Please take a few minutes to give us your thoughts on this subject.

August 16, 2010 18:18:02

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