Wisconsin is tax hell!I have to brown bag it so I can pay Wisconsin's taxes.I'd be eating out if government wasn't gobbling up my money!My brown bags alter ego pays fewer taxes and gets to eat out.We spent 780 billion on a stimulus plan and all I got was this brown bag!
Scott Walker for Governor of Wisconsin on Facebook

Getting to Know Tonette Walker

Tonette Walker, Scott's wife, recently hit the campaign trail and talked with TMJ4 about touring Wisconsin.  You can view her interview by clicking here.

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Walker and Kleefisch hold brown bag lunch in De Pere

Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch talked about their plans to get government out of the way to create 250,000 private sector to the workers and owners of Klemm Tank Lines.


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Lt. Governor Kleefisch continues her small business tour

Kleefisch continued her small business tour, telling businesses about Scott Walker's plan to aggressively market Wisconsin to job creators. You can view the Scott's marketing plan by clicking here.  

Rebecca visited Ryeco in Racine to learn about their two-sided grinding business. 

She also got a tour of Orchid International located in Monroe, a manufacturing company focused on green technologies and metal stamping. 


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Team Walker Marches in UW-Madison Homecoming Parade

 Rebecca Kleefisch returned to Madison to walk in the homecoming parade. 


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Rebecca Discusses Her Recent Battle With Cancer

You can learn more about Rebecca and her battle with cancer by clicking here.  By sharing her story with others Rebecca wants to give hope to families currently dealing with cancer.

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Rebecca Tours Wisconsin to Promote Emergency Job Plan

At stops in De Pere, Rhinelander, Madison, Wausau, Eau Claire, La Crosse, and Loganville Rebecca met with voters, toured businesses, and talked to media to answer questions about Walker’s pro-jobs plan.

Rebecca checks out one of WEL's semis while visiting their facility in De Pere:

She learns about PDM Bridge operations in Wausau: 

Rebecca discusses some of the challenges facing Wisconsin's dairy industry at Roecker's Rolling Acres in Loganville: 


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Rebecca Hits the Trail

Rebecca Kleefisch, recently nominated Republican Lt. Governor candidate, is excited to join Scott Walker on the campaign trail.  

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Scott has Brown Bag Lunch in Wausau Area

Scott visited with the employees and owners of Vortex Tool in Schofield to discuss his emergency jobs plan, which would:

  • Create 250,000 private sector jobs
  • Lower Taxes
  • Eliminate red tape
  • End frivolous lawsuits
  • Improve the education of tomorrow's workforce
  • Make health care affordable
  • Invest in infrastructure

Learn more about Scott's plan at www.250000jobs.org.

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Follow the Brown Bag Bus Tour!

Follow Scott Walker's Brown Bag Bus Tour as he travels the state:

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I hope Scott comes through, I also hope Scott hold true on lifting the state smoking ban.

Know of a lot of people who own bars and are really getting hurt by this so called ban.

Some have been in a family business for over 20yrs. Please Scott hold true to your word on this subject. GO SCOTT GO!!

Dear Scott,

I think you will make a great governor! You have my vote and my husband's. We feel that your ads need to be more focused on what you stand for and that you need to stress that you are a conservative. Somehow set yourself apart from Neumann. We can not let Neumann win the Primary.
I am not saying he will, however, your ad's have not been strong enough to gain a signifacant lead well ahead of Neumann, where you should be.

I hope you are confident you will win. You have access to data that we do not have. So maybe you know where you stand against Neumann. With only 4 days left until the Primary, please step up the ad campaign and let us know what you stand for and how this differs from Neumann and Barrett.

Firt, We need term limits for all politicians.

Then, stop the out of control spending, stop the Jim Doyle Choo Choo train, and tell Obama we don't want his healthcare or his bailouts.

End the Mercedes benefits for goverment workers, and make goverment smaller, not larger.

The high taxes in this state are already hurting our business, not to mention all the things being done in Washington.

Scott, if you can do these things, then you will have my vote!

Walker needs an ad that has the message that a VOTE for Neumann is a VOTE for TOM BARRETT

I live in the Hartland area, nice suburb in Waukesha county. We are trying to fight the Crematoriam that is being pushed on us. Is there anything you can do to help us fight this and get it out of our community? The toxins alone that will be omitted are dangerous, we are a young community. Elementary Schools, High Schools. We don't need this in our back yards. Please help us we are having a town hall meeting on Monday September 20th at 7:pm. Is there a possibility that you attend or send a statement to defend our position of "NO CREMATORIAM IN HARTLAND"

Scott Walker needs to get his message to points above Milwaukee. I live in Taylor county and all I see is the Neuman commercials, and I must say that if I didn't know about Neuman and Scott Walker from my children that live in Kenosha, I would think that Neuman was the one to vote for. I will definitely vote for Scott Walker. I will try to get the word out about both candidates up in this area, but I need more info about Walker. I know most of the population is not in rural areas, but we pay taxes too, and we vote. I was under the impression that all votes count and are important. So please let the state know how Neuman is not the candidate to run for govenor.
Thank You,

Yes, to Scott Walker, but this ad is a just a little too "gimmicky" with the boxing gloves. Highlight and defend your good record. Give examples and specifics of what you have accomplished and would like to do for Wisconsin. This is especially needed given the latest campaign against you-which it seems is like every other commercial on TV right now. You need to counteract those negative ads with positive accomplishments, i.e. the truth!

This ad is awesome liberals are such crybabies!!!!

I just want to say I support Scott Walker because I want smaller government! I am just outraged how government does not get a reduction in pay, compared to the private sector which has taken cuts time after time; and the over generous pension and health care benefits they receive. If the private sector were to offer this, they would be out of business. Why does the government and public sector still get away with is, becuase they can always milk off the taxpayer and the criminal unions that support them are more powerful than ever because of our Socialist leader, Barack Obama, supports them. And why can't people understand why our taxes are so high in Wisconsin?

I believe that pensions should be phased out entirely. Pensions only work if the business, or government in this case, is increasing its income and growing. To phase this out workers who are already receiving a pension should continue to recieve it. Workers who have pension monies accumulated already but not collecting yet should be rolled into a 401k. New workers should start with a new 401K. All 401Ks should have an employer match up to 3% per year. This way over time workers are weened off pension and can have a healthy diversified retirement account.

I know there may be some problems with rolling current monies into a 401K but at least try and if we can't do that at least have the new workers start with one.

I just hope oyu are true to your word............no more BS polistician working for his job in government............Wisconsin is hurting and a change needs to be made! I hope oyu are the man to do it!

What is your stand On concealed Carry for the state of Wisconsin.

Thank You
James Weber

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I really don't care about the train or anything else, the thing us Seniors care about is, who is going to continue Senior Care for those of us who are living only on S.S.??? Who ever keeps Serior Care will get the votes of the thousands of Seniors who use it today.. I would not have my medicine without Senior Care.. I met Scott a few years ago where I worked as a Receptionist for Rick Graber and I want him to know there real issues out here among the Seniors.. I am also a strong Christian and I will be voting for the one I feel as those types of values in their hearts.. thank you, Mary

I want to know if Scott Walker is going to make state employees like Barry Alvarez and Bo Ryan and all the professors pay for their retirement. i would say no way, it will be the ones on the bottom that are going to pay the price. Lets get real, it's not the state workers fault that we are in this mess. Let's just privatize everything and pay them all 8 dollars and hour. thats the american way. Cheap labor, Capitalism at its best!

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